Established in 1966, GGPC currently serves clients in the area of Estate Planning and administration. We are also special counsel to law firms, accounting firms and financial planners.

Our attorneys lecture throughout the United States and are frequently quoted in national and local newspapers as well as financial publications and have appeared on major television and cable networks.

GGPC are specialist’s in the area of retirement and estate planning and is retained by law firms and individuals throughout the country to assist in advising, planning and distribution of retirement assets.

Our first priority is to consider the well being of the client and then concentrate on the various tax considerations and consequences to the estate and its heirs.

We handle the complete estate plan from the creation of all necessary documents through the probate process as well as federal and state estate tax proceedings. We have also been involved in contested estate proceedings in surrogates court.

Our attorneys have also been actively involved in family disputes outside of the court setting in order to properly account for funds that may have been dissipated by a potential heir of the estate when a parent become incompetent and unable to manage and handle their own personal affairs.

Our firm also lectures to Bar Associations, Society of Certified Public Accountants, Financial Institutions and other professional organizations throughout the country.

We also work with attorneys and others in advising them or their  clients on how to handle the post death maze of the IRA distribution rules as well as guiding the attorney on the IRS rules involving IRA trusts.

Latest publications and guides from GGPC:

Title:    Inherited IRAs:  What the Practitioner Needs to Know.  Practitioners need the information in this manual to be knowledgeable in the myriad possible technical errors that my affect current planning techniques with respect to IRA distributions.  Retirement assets often represent a significant portion of an individual’s wealth.  This is especially true in the case of inherited IRAs where a few missteps can wipe out a substantial portion of inherited IRA assets.  Distributed by the American Bar Association.

Title:    Can You Trust Your Trust:  What Your Family Needs to Know.  Trusts are a very common way to protect estate assets and direct the distribution of estate moneys.  What is often not considered in the creation of a trust is the duties that befall on the trustee.  Often creators of trusts ask friends and family to be a trustee and those who are asked must read this book.  Though often considered an honor, there are significant headaches that go along with being a trustee not to mention the potential for being the target of litigation.  This guide is also a great primer for CPAs and attorneys who may find themselves dealing with a client who is a trustee.

Title:    New York Trusts and Estates:  What the Practitioner Must Know.  Many practitioners may not be familiar with many of the practical and technical issues that are involved in connection with the administration of trusts and estates that are subject to New York State law.  If you are involved in estate planning, tax planning and financial planning, then you must become familiar with many of the issues that an executor or trustee may have to deal with in administering a New York estate or trust.

Title:    Fundamentals of Trust Accounting Income and Principal Rules Under the Revised New York State Laws.  Many practitioners are not familiar with the revised trust laws that apply to trusts that are subject to New York State law.  If you prepare trust returns, you have to be aware of the definition of accounting income and its application to a tax reporting position.  In addition, the significant changes in the definition of accounting income under New York State law grants the trustee certain discretionary rights in
determining the amount of accounting income that is payable to an income beneficiary.

Title:    Fundamentals of Trust Accounting Income and Principal Rules Under the Revised New Jersey Uniform Principal and Income Act.  This manual covers a number of the basic rules that involve the application of the New Jersey Uniform Principal and Income Act.  To purchase this manual or for additional information please call our office at 516-222-0422.

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