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Newly published book entitled “Can You Trust Your Trust? What you need to know about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Trusts and Trust Compliance Issues”

Can You Trust Your Trust? is the first book of its kind to present this information in an accessible and practical manner, easily understood by you – the trustee – and your trust advisors. It advises you on the benefits — as well as the pitfalls — of acting as a trustee, written in language that one doesn’t need a law degree to understand.

Title: Inherited IRAs: What Every Practitioner Must Know

The rules and regulations surrounding estate planning and retirement asset distributions can be very confusing. One seemingly tiny mistake or oversight could result in a morass of legal issues and penalties, about which a less-informed practitioner may be completely unaware. It is your responsibility as a practitioner to be familiar with these retirement distribution rules and know how to implement an estate plan that includes retirement-type assets, such as IRAs.

Inherited IRA’s: What Every Practitioner Must Know is your complete guide to effectively implementing an estate plan that includes retirement-type assets, written especially for the practitioner. This important book serves as a guide to alert you, as a practitioner, to many of the retirement distribution rules that you must know in order to effectively safeguard your client and their retirement assets.

Within this concise guide, you’ll find more than 100 scenarios, questions, and answers that you will most likely encounter as a practitioner dealing with often complex retirement asset distribution.

This essential resource can help any retirement and estate practitioner be more responsive to questions about retirement distribution planning, and be more successful at their craft.

Title: Fundamentals of Trust Accounting Income and Principal Rules under the Revised New York State Laws.

In New York State alone there are well over 10,000 attorneys that are involved in trust drafting, tax planning, estate planning, trust accounting, trust litigation and elder law planning, but very few local bar associations in New York State offer practica l material on trust accounting income.

Here’s the user manual on the trust accounting income and principal rules that New York attorneys have been looking for, written from a practical application standpoint. It’s doubly applicable to any lawyers who draf t trust documents. If you’re a New York State lawyer involved in drafting trusts you need to be aware of the trust accounting rules that are applicable to a trust subject to New York State trust laws. This knowledge is especially important if you act as trust counsel to the trust that you created.

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